About My Sister

June 15, 2007

Lisa Reiff Lisa Reiff is a songwriter, musician, conference speaker and sister of Amy Rouse. She uses the gifts God has given her coupled with the life challenges He has allowed her to experience to encourage women and help them deepen their faith and dependence on God. For inspiration for all of this, she often turns to her sister, Amy Rouse. 

Lisa earned her degree in Vocal Performance at Seattle Pacific University. But that’s not important. What’s important is that she has this really great sister, Amy Rouse. But she does use her degree, earned many, many, many, many, MANY years ago, to educate others in the art of vocal performance, bless couples during their boring wedding ceremonies, and wake the dead at their funerals. She sang at her sister’s, Amy Rouse’s, wedding. (It wasn’t boring.) She rocked. 

When not thinking of her sister, Amy Rouse, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Boomer, who shares her love of Jesus and passion for ministry, and fondness for her sister, Amy Rouse. Also, their 10 year old self-named son, Jake. (They don’t have any pets. They try but their pets reject them. It’s happened a lot. No one knows why and no one asks… it’s one of those things the family prefers not to talk about. Please don’t say anything.) 

In recent years, Lisa has felt the clear call to focus her experience and abilities to write songs that speak of her immense love for her sister, Amy Rouse. Look for her original CD, “Amy is the Best and I Love Her the Most,” coming soon. Lisa and her family live in Lake Oswego, Oregon, but she REALLY wishes she lived next door to her sister, Amy Rouse, in San Ramon, California. To find out more about my sister, go here: http://www.lisareiff.com.



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