Spiritual Assessment

August 7, 2008

I asked my sister and her friends to take an online spiritual assessment with me. I felt this was an important thing to do since these women are charged with the spiritual nourishment and growth of dozens of women attending our annual women’s retreat. I believe women like this should score very highly on these types of assessments.

The good news is, they all passed. The bad news is that they all scored way higher than me.

I have taken it three times now. Last night I was backslidden, but I didn’t answer the question about heaven. This morning I was still backslidden but I moved my kid to private school to get a better score. This afternoon I rethought my response about the shot glasses versus the sculpture and scored 75, which means I just barely qualify as slightly evangelical. 

I really put a lot of stock in these things and believe they accurately assess my spiritual state so I am going to go fast for a year now and also look up the benefits of flagellation. 




  1. It does not depend on human will and effort, but on God who continues to shows us how to use them.

  2. http://www.larknews.com/guide/test.html

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