Class of ’79

July 8, 2009


High school reunions. I’ve never been to mine.  (For various reasons: Military service at five years, no notice for the 10th, my wedding day was the 20th…) 

Our 30th is next month. I am going. (Yes, I am dragging my husband along on our 10th wedding anniversary!)

I have mixed emotions about this. (So does my husband!) I really didn’t enjoy school much. I wasn’t popular, wasn’t in any one particular crowd, and didn’t really care. Perhaps I should have cared more.

I have good friends from those years that I’ve kept in touch with off and on. If I’d have cared more I may have retained more old friends. This reunion I will see people with whom I attended first grade! And I will see people I do not even remember.

Still, we have so many things in common:

  • We’re all the same age.
  • Most of us have kids the same age.
  • Most of us were there when the mountain blew up.
  • We remember a lot of the same things — wonderful or quirky teachers, various events, songs, movies, a small town that will never be as it was then, our little era.

So if you were my classmate I may not remember you. You may not remember me. Or we may remember each other very well. But we can count on the fact that we’ve changed. We’ve grown. We’re better. We’re wiser. (We hope.)

One thing we’re all sure of:  We are not old enough to be attending our 30th high school reunion!

Yearbook Photo


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