Asante Africa

December 11, 2010


My husband I sponsor two “children” in East Africa. But these two aren’t really children at all. They are future leaders of their communities. The oldest, Samson (from Kenya), is completing his finals as a Senior and Rosemary (Tanzania) is just beginning her Senior year.

Both of them just completed a Leadership Training Academy with Asante Africa, the foundation through which we sponsor these wonderful young people. Learn more about this incredible effort in East Africa at http://www.asanteafrica.org/ and http://asanteafrica.wordpress.com/ and consider sponsoring a child or volunteering your time or money.

I have a worry, however. In both Kenya and Tanzania, there is a mandated “gap year” following high school before students may enter college. It is during this year that many are “lost.” Without formal gap year or exchange programs, it is difficult to keep students engaged and motivated to continue their education. Many women marry and begin their families. Many young men take jobs well under that what they could if they continued their education.

I pray these two will not be among the lost but forge ahead looking for opportunities to sustain and continue their hard-fought education and that the result will be far beyond what they could hope or dream. And we will benefit from this. All of us.


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