An Incredible Response

February 13, 2011


What would you do if you were assaulted? Or if you were robbed? What if someone smashed the window of your vehicle while you and your husband were at the gym and stole your camera and your purse, racked up over $600 on your cards within an hour or two, and left you with little to do but spend the next days dealing with banks, and the DMV, and the insurance company, and car window repair quotes?

Would you be angry? Sure. Frustrated? Hurt? Violated? Sad? Of course. All of those and probably more. How soon would it take you, the victim, to think about the criminal(s) and what kind of state their soul and mind must be in to do such a thing? I think I would hate them for at least a week. Maybe more. Then with each retelling of my story the anger would well up again.

But my sister isn’t like me. She is a much wiser woman. The day after her car window was smashed and personal belongings stolen she posted on FaceBook, I’m sad for the person that stooped to such a low level of humanity… I’ve been wondering what makes a person so desperate they feel it necessary to do something like that. It’s really sad to me–our stuff can be replaced and money can be re-saved with time, but the person that did it has deep needs that won’t be met by the stuff they steal–and will only bring guilt and shame. We’re praying that he (she) reads the journal that was in my purse so they will hear about Jesus.”

Wow. Her heart heard God’s and responded like Him instead of how she probably felt. I love this about my sister.

Mean people suck. And Jesus loves them just as much as non-sucky people. Isn’t that incredibly amazing? What a hope to cling to.



  1. Your sister’s comment is encouraging to me and I’m thankful for her Jesus-like attitude. What a great example she is setting for all she knows to follow. Thanks for telling the rest of us.

  2. Hi, I think we often forget our sin. If we think of Peter and his successful ministry, we must look at the situation where he denied the Lord. It was only when he performed a great sin did he understand the great mercy. Then, being humbled, he could preach forgivness to the sinners because he knew the depths of it.

    I believe God is trying to humble us into seeing our sin. Understanding that when He said “you did not choose me, I chose you,” He really meant it.

    We have to get off our high horses or we will be lying in the poo.

    It is better to be the oppressed (close to God) than the oppressor (far from God).

    Thank God for the trials that bring forth humility.


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