I’d Rather Have a Root Canal

March 7, 2011

I love my dentist. Those who know me know those words were as likely to come out of my mouth as the title of this blog. However I do love my new dentist and would rather have a root canal than several other things I can think of (as long as he does the procedure).  I can safely say I have morphed from a major dentophobe into someone who can ‘deal with it.’ (Of course, nitrous oxide doesn’t harm this picture… LOVE that stuff!)

This is how much I love my dentist: I drive deep into the heart of San Francisco to see him. In a Dodge Dakota. It takes anywhere from 50-90 minutes for me to drive there and typically another 10-15 minutes to find metered street parking. I even parallel park my long-bed truck!

I did this today so I could have a root canal. Joy of joys. But THIS guy, humming to the great music he always plays while working, gives me a good dose of nitrous, does the shots so I barely feel them, completes the procedure in under an hour, and calls me at home later to see how I am doing. His assistant holds my hand during the shots and his office administrator asks about my husband and my job. I feel cared for. These people have turned me around. Seriously.

My major case of dentophobia came from a lifetime of disastrous experiences at the dentist. My first dentist’s name was Dr. Payne. My next childhood dentist made you hug him whether you wanted to or not. My orthodontist was a womanizer and incompetent. My military dentist did a root canal on a broken molar and left the packing in. The last dentist before my new love got my tongue with a drill when his assistant let go of it (my tongue, not the drill — ever had stitches in your tongue?) I’ve been prepped for a crown only to learn that the lab hadn’t delivered it yet. So I went on my honeymoon in New Zealand with a temporary crown. And billing issues? Don’t get me started…

SO: If you are a confirmed dentophobe and have avoided going to the dentist and you live in the Bay Area, here is an unashamed plug for my guy: Dr. Stanley Dintcho at Union Street Dental Care. He’s been there since 1974, but tell him I sent you. You won’t be sorry.


One comment

  1. I have dentophobia but had no word for it until now. I have had so many bad experiences and then found a great dentist. Unfortunately she moved and I’m still looking.

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