Quit yer bellyachin’!

March 26, 2011

My dad used to say that. I felt like saying that this week to a whiner but I heard about the whining second-hand, can only guess at the offender’s identity, and so couldn’t carry through. Blogging about it is the next best thing!

I don’t mind a complaint being registered now and then, especially when accompanied by thoughtful recommendations for a resolution. Complaining without offering solutions is whining. And whining is about as irritating as anything I can think of.

In the case at work last week, I learned of a vendor who complained of an “unlevel playing field,” supposedly because I have connections with other vendors on the LinkedIn professional networking site. Now I know what you are thinking: “Um, aren’t you SUPPOSED to have connections with other folks in your industry on LinkedIn??” And, of course, the answer is, YES!

I love my job and I make certain accommodations towards it, but I most certainly draw the line at who I will be friends with on FaceBook and connected to on LinkedIn. If you’re a supplier bent out of shape because I am connected to other suppliers on social networking sites, then send me an invitation on LinkIn or ‘friend me’ on FaceBook.

Otherwise: Quit yer bellyachin’!



  1. […] posted a lighter treatment of my disdain for whining on Collect Yourself earlier today, but I’d like to treat the topic a little more seriously […]

  2. Yeah! I hate whining, too…I just wanna say, “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”

  3. I am a reformed whiner, well I’m trying. It seems now that I’m headed in the opposite dirction it gets on my nerves more.

  4. […] about the whining and complaining that American Christians and Americans in general are famous for (yuck), but the openness and vulnerability that deepens friendships and allows others to “come along […]

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