Post-Surgery Ponderings

April 3, 2011

Since I have so much time to ponder weightier things while recovering from the surgical removal of some body parts I no longer required, I’ve got some questions…

  • What is skin glue made of? Do they have to hold you together after applying while it dries?
  • If they pump so much gas into your abdominal cavity for a laparoscopy, why can’t they deflate you before they close you up? How does that stuff get out after? Is it like a balloon that slowly deflates over several days after the party? Is the skin glue strong enough to hold it in?
  • Does an ovary miss its fallopian tube after 50 years of togetherness?
  • What do they do with your innards after they remove them?
  • How come tulips can’t hold their own when all the other cut flowers can stand upright in a vase of water? What is their problem?

If you have any answers, I’m all ears.



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  2. You crack me up! I am laughing out loud over here!

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