More Post-Operative Observations

April 7, 2011

Recovery: It just keeps getting better…

  1. Make-up is overrated.
  2. So are clothes. Sweats rule.
  3. Dogs know when you are not whole. It’s amazing.
  4. There are too many great blogs and not enough time off.
  5. My husband is a great cook: He should do it more often.
  6. My daughter is a great cook: She should come over more often.
  7. Cut flowers are exceedingly cheery.
  8. There is nothing wrong with a raised potty seat with sturdy arms. Absolutely nothing.
  9. There are not that many great movies out there. Which is OK, because who has time for movies where there are so many great blogs?
  10. Now I know why my mom loves her recliner and makes a little campsite all around it.


  1. Ok I wish we lived closer. We could really be good friends. I love dogs,blogs more than movies,sweats, would love to see my daughter more often, and can definitely see the benefit of a raised potty chair.
    And I have a campsite around my rocking chair and often in my bed. I think I’ll miss you when you go back to work.

    Thanks for subscribing to my new blog.

  2. Me, too! And I’ll never be able to keep up with you after next week, whatever shall I do with all my blog energy? You’ll just have to blog for the both of us and I’ll try to catch up on the weekends. 😉

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