Husbands, Daughters, HysterSisters & God

April 26, 2011

I am nearing the end of four weeks since my hysterectomy and feeling pretty good. I think there are two reasons for this: Prayer and Practical Support.

So many of my friends prayed for me during my surgery, stay in the hospital and the first few days home. I really couldn’t believe it wasn’t as bad as I expected or was told it would be. The pain was minimal and I never did need prescription pain-killers once I was off the IV. I think I took maybe one or two Motrin after coming home. I started walking the afternoon of my surgery and everything else just followed like clockwork after that (well mostly). I am still healing inside and have a few weeks before I can call this journey complete, but I am thanking God for His hand in my speedy healing process.

And the very real and practical support has amazed me. My daughter came to the rescue my second day in the hospital and was at home to greet me that evening when my husband brought me home. She stayed with me three days, cooking and fetching, helping me dress—her only three days off from a very stressful job. My husband took over by the weekend and made coffee and eggs which he’d never done before (!) as well as a myriad of things I just couldn’t do myself. It was amazing how dependent you are after major surgery!

Another awesome support has been the HysterSisters Web site. I wish I would have known of it before my surgery—which is why I am promoting it here. It is an invaluable resource of information about ANYTHING you need to know about hysterectomy procedures, pre-op, post-op and more. I have learned SO much and much of it from women going through the same things as me at the same time! I subscribe to a forum of women who all had our surgeries within a two-week timeframe. It’s comforting to know what I am experiencing isn’t unusual and freeing to discuss the topics you just can’t bring up with anyone. There is a forum where Believers pray for each other and topical forums on just about every topic related to this procedure.

If you, or anyone you know, will have a hysterectomy, I strongly recommend this site! It is truly something I am nearly as evangelical about as my faith in God.


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  1. My doc has talked about this with me but I still just keep putting it off year after year. Not sure why I will never have more kids and the benfits could be worth it when everything is said and done. I’m so glad you are up and going. God is wonderful.

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