WOW, That’s Amazing!

April 28, 2011

You know, I used to totally dismiss folks who spent time reading labels, counting calories, measuring ingredients, and being overly pedantic about the amount of fat in calories… AND NOW: I am one of ’em.

I really did think that my “guesstimation” of the nutritional value of the foods I consumed was pretty darned accurate. HA! Now that I have committed to measure everything I cook and count all the little details of everything I consume, it’s amazing what I see!

The best thing? With VERY LITTLE change, the meals I prepare have FAR fewer calories and fat (sodium, not so much, so sue me) and more fiber and other good stuff. The other benefit? I am consuming more water, taking my supplements regularly, and increasing my consistency with regard to walking and other healthy habits.

It really is amazing the change that can result from simple attention to the little things. I am glad I found SparkPeople.com — wish I would’ve checked into it four years ago!


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