Brain Training

April 30, 2011

Mine needs it. Awhile ago I posted about a seminar on brain health from The Center for Brain Health that was both inspiring and disconcerting (the seminar, not the blog; well, maybe the blog, too. I dunno, you tell me). Since then I joined SparkPeople, through which I found Lumosity. Lumosity is a brain training Web-site that offers programs to enhance memory, attention and creativity through a series of games played each day.

I hate to confess this, but my baseline scores (resulting from the very first assessments I took on the site) placed me at about the 20th percentile. OK, wow, that made me either incredibly dense, or overwhelmingly distracted. I choose to believe the latter. After all, I learned from The Center for Brain Health that through my consummate multitasking I’d literally trained my brain to NOT block out distractions and focus on one thing. My baseline assessment was proof!

But here’s the good news: It’s been just over two weeks of daily training and here are my results:

My memory scores show the most improvement now placing me in the 80th percentile! Each day my scores get better (I am faster and more accurate) and I hope this results in “producing real world benefits” just like the Web site promises. Well see: I go back to work full-time on Monday and I can use all the brain power I can get.

“Your brain, just brighter.”  That’s me!  😀



  1. I guess I need to get this old mind pumping. I’ll be trying a few tonight when I can think straight.

    • I figure this has to help with memorizing the word as well… something else I’m sure I can do better at!

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