Trying Hard to Keep the Balance!

May 6, 2011

My blogging has slowed to once or twice a week as I wrap up my first week back to work full-time since my surgery. While recovering I made a commitment to keep better balance in my life and not neglect the important things or relegate them to the back burner. I love my job but it is not my life. It takes more hours of my week than any other activity, but it is not my priority.

Books, blogs, Bible studies and buddies all seem to be emphasizing that now is the time to press in harder and not sit back. For me that means following hard after God, getting into His word in an even deeper way, seeking His wisdom in every area of my life (including the physical aspects!) and sustaining and growing relationships with others. This isn’t so easy when you work a minimum of eight hours a day but it IS possible. Here are some things I am trying:

  1. Getting up earlier to get more time with God and start the day right.
  2. Taking little breaks during the day to refocus on what’s important. Sometimes this is as simple as checking in on an inspirational Web site or blog, reviewing a memory verse, taking a quick walk and meditating, or writing a quick note of encouragement to a friend.
  3. Walking each day (a walking buddy really helps here!)
  4. Wrapping the day up with a short journal entry which  provides refocus and reflection on the day and sets the stage for tomorrow.

What do you do to keep an even keel and not neglect the important things in the busy-ness of your day?


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