Silly Green

September 6, 2011

I’ve bought into the “green” habit of bringing my own bags to the grocer and thereby avoid carrying home more plastic or paper bags. But this is silly: I can’t bring myself to bring in competitor’s bags. It’s like when you are traveling and you like Taco Bell and your husband like McDonald’s, so you find a lunch stop where they are across the street from each other, but then you eat in the car ’cause you feel silly bringing into one place the food from another.

So I have Safeway bags, WholeFoods bags, and Sprouts bags. If I lived closer to Trader Joe’s I’d probably have those, too. I should have just bought generic bags to use everywhere, so I won’t feel bad. I know, it’s silly stupid. And I have no idea why this bothers me.

Who wants to diagnose this phobia?  🙂


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