A Little Like Penn State?

November 23, 2011

I just read an article today in an industry rag to which I subscribe. It was a little piece about an effort one major hotel chain has undertaken to train their staff to detect and report child sex-trafficking. The article bothered me on a couple of levels. (Of course the fact that an article on child sex-trafficking has to be written in the first place is disturbing in itself) but I caught two other things I think are way off:

First, the fact that the hotel chain apparently knew this had been going on, yet it took a court order to to something about it. Similarly, the article calls other hotel chains to act as well. Do we have to ASK companies to act against the trafficking of children for sex? Shame on us!

Second, apparently the training that will be provided to employees is less about detecting whether illegal sex trafficking is going on, but to encourage them to report it: “The staff at hotels and motels often has firsthand knowledge of such activities but may be reluctant or unsure of what to do about it.”  So let’s break this down—employees at a hotel KNOW there are children in their rooms, held against their will, for the sole purpose of illegal sex purchased by the sick and twisted. Yet they are unsure what to do about it?!?

Well I just don’t get that. If you see a crime, report the crime. If you are aware of active abuse under your nose DO SOMETHING! My goodness — Penn State, children repeatedly abused in hotel rooms, “it’s not my business”??? For decades we have killed thousands of babies before they make the six inches through the birth canal to make them “illegal” to kill — perhaps that’s the precursor and the hardening of the American heart to turning a blind eye to the abuse of children in locker rooms and hotel rooms (and the disregard of our aging citizens—another rant for another day)…

My heart aches and I wouldn’t blame God if He treated America like Sodom and Gomorrah. And if we don’t DO something that may be our fate.

If you feel so inclined to learn more about the horrors of the hundreds of thousands of children stolen for sex-trade and many other men and women caught in the evil of slavery, do some homework here:  International Justice Mission.


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