Families of the Fallen

December 9, 2011

I am sitting at the DFW airport (gate A33) watching a huge welcoming committee made of USO volunteers and others, clapping and cheering those coming off the flight at gate 34. There is someone dressed up as Rudolph and those welcoming the travelers are all wearing festive red and white shirts and hats.

I asked the gate agents here if they were greeting our military folks returning from overseas, and they said no, they were welcoming the families of fallen soldiers. They are shuttling them to a banquet celebration. I thought that was awfully cool. I wondered if that was the first time some of those little children had smiled and laughed in awhile. And it caused me to pray again for those families who are grieving for a lost spouse, parent, son or daughter, and those who still serve.

Just thought I’d share.

P.S. Moments after posting this, they announced more families coming into our gate so I joined in with the welcoming committee. While waiting I learned from an American Airlines employee next to me that American partners with other companies to provide more than just a banquet — this time they are going to Six Flags, Gilley’s and a couple of other places over the next few days. American pays for the airfare for 1700 people and coordinates the events!

I cheered with the rest as the Captain of the flight lead the procession of families off the jetway. Their expressions were priceless. Kudos to American Airlines! I hope all goes well with your restructure!


One comment

  1. Ditto to that MS! Thankful to God for the blessing you were to those who arrived and that you received love in return. Praying for those who served, serve, families of those as well as our family members who continue to grieve for the loss of loved ones.

    I love you and am grateful for you!

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