Totally Committed or Utterly Deranged?

May 26, 2012

Early this morning (at exactly 5:50 AM — I know because I had just taken the dog out for her morning pee and yard sentry duty) we started hearing what sounded like sand bags being dropped in a wheelbarrow, or maybe the tailgate of a pickup repeatedly slamming closed down the street. I finally get up to investigate at a quarter after six. I look through the window blinds, out over a very quiet street, thankful not one of my lovely neighbors was violating my #1 rule of neighborly love (NO loud noises before 8 AM!). So back to bed. The noise started again. UGH! What IS that?!?

Up again, standing in the middle of the room listening for direction of the sound. It’s coming from the bathroom. Ah HA! A totally committed Robin body-slamming the master bathroom window. Over and over and over again. I open the window, try to sound mean and scary, and tell him to “behave yourself for cryin’ out loud what the heck is wrong with you you nutty bird go do crazy bird things somewhere else!”  Back to bed again. Hoping for just-one-more-hour. Body-slamming bird eking its way into my half-asleep dreams. I finally get up and get the camera. This kind of commitment really must be recorded.

Last week this same bird flew in under our large wisteria-covered arbor and showed his commitment against the sliding glass door. A few days before that, he thought he’d have a go at the kitchen garden window. Totally committed or totally deranged?

I took a Webinar on “Coaching for Results” last Wednesday and the speaker quoted, “The person who is the most committed wins.” That bird displays the most commitment I’ve ever seen, but I think the window will win.

Totally Committed

There is likely a parable in here somewhere. I’ll have to find it.

After I take a nap.


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