Where’s the Beef?

June 9, 2012

“If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding.  How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?!”

OK, two tired quotes, but alas, I could think of no play on words for another Jackson or Yankovich lyric. 😉

Here we go with post #4 on good fat foods: Meat!!

People may choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for reasons stemming from religion or stomach sensitivities, but it’s not a choice to make for health reasons: The great and easily absorbed “heme iron” is only found in meat and the crucial B12 vitamin really can’t be found in typical vegetarian sources. (“Meat sensitivities” are often due to the fat in the meat, not the meat itself.)

Did you know that vegetarian children have serious concerns regarding the growth of their bone structure unless their diet is carefully supervised? Since the “fall” (when Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden) meat has been a staple in our diet and is what we’re made to eat. We’re not “ruminant animals” with multiple stomachs like cows and sheep and a ton of plant food goes through us partially digested — it’s hard on our systems when that’s all we eat.

Did you know that everything that our body needs is found in meat? Check out Dr. Melvin Anchell’s steak lover’s diet based on the year-long study on Vilhjalmur Stefansson. (Did you know there are few dental problems among the Eskimos and Athabaskan Indians?) Now, this healthy “meat diet” means grass-fed or organic — meat shot up with hormones and antibiotics is most definitely NOT healthful (and if you are a woman, stay far away — consuming meat with those hormones is directly linked to breast cancer!).

It also means lean cuts (in other words, don’t sit at the head of the table gnawing a big ol’ hunk of ‘gristle’ like my dad did every Sunday night for years!)  The fat in meat IS high in CLA, though, and you can only find it in the fat. This isn’t bad — animal fat is less than 50% saturated, and of the saturated part, a third is stearic acid (the good fat that is like the monounsaturated fat like olive oil — which rapidly coverts to oleic acid which lowers cholesterol levels by a whopping 15%!) You don’t need a lot of meat to get the benefits. Plus, when cooking (like grilling a nice marbled New York strip or lean burger patty) most of the fat drips away.

Feed determines a lot of the quality AND the flavor of meat, including chicken and pork. Steer away from grain-fed meats, most of which you cannot find without those nasty hormones and antibiotics, and stick with meat from grass-fed, true open range animals. Whole Foods Market is an excellent source — they NEVER sell any meats with hormones and antibiotics. Eat it without carbs (pasta, baked tater, big fat bread roll) and you’ll digest it faster and gain far less weight, especially around the tummy.

So go ahead and say it: “Beef. It’s what for dinner.”  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) 😉


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