It Just Gets Better

October 10, 2012

Several years ago I posted a little blog on coffee. This afternoon I was doing my annual Life Screening appointment and they had this recording repeating on a TV in the waiting area. One bit was on a recent study on coffee, citing data that showed that up to three cups a day staves off Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses as well as increasing alertness and (or, at least decreasing ‘foggy brain’). Since I suffer from fog of the brain, I tuned in. As much as possible.

Later, I did a search online and found reports of this study on Science Daily and Psyche Central and WebMD among a plethora of others. Check it out for yourself.

SO, for my coffee-scoffing friends: Talk to the hand. I will continue to praise the Creator of the coffee bean and enjoy the creativity of His people and what they do with it. Also: How it prepares me for my day in a decreasing-fog-brain kinda way.

Don’t judge me.  ;-D


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