Give Me Back My Hairs!

November 17, 2012

I’m not the type to get jazzed (or even remotely interested) in hyped-up, miracle supplements, so it’s not like me to even try something like that. However, when your hair is leaving your head like nobody’s business (except God, because He counts them) you might be tempted to break out of the skeptic box.

So I did. 18 months ago I was a little concerned. Two months ago I got to the point of downright freaked out. At nowhere near the age where non-chemo baldness is acceptable, I decided to try Hair Essentials from NaturalWellBeing.com.

And here is my simple testimonial: IT WORKS!

I don’t know how. It appears to contain all-natural ingredients. Which is good, of course. I guess it’s the combo. Whatever. I bought a 90 day supply and just at around 30 days there was a noticeable decrease in the hairs pasted to the shower wall at the end of my shampooing. And at the salon my friend, who’s been taking care of these hairs for many years, noticed it’s getting more volume and she noticed regrowth.

Hallelujah! I guess you’re really supposed to see big results more toward 90 days (I’m at about 40 days), but I’m just happy I’m going the other direction now.  So I thought I’d share in case anyone else concerned about the number of people randomly picking stray hairs of your shirt 42 times a day…


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