A Color God Made

February 17, 2013


There is a color that God made. It is halfway between pink and dark peach. It doesn’t have a name and it rarely shows its face. It’s not in the Crayola box. It’s not the color in the photo above.

I see it sometimes in a sunset, even more rarely in a sunrise (mostly because I’m still in bed).

Once I saw it on a rose, but only for an afternoon.

In my mind it smells like dew; or like springtime in a deep forest. It smells like about-to-be-born. It smells like mystery.

I believe I will live in this color when I shed my skin at a ripe old age. Maybe my new body will glow with this peach-ish aura that ever-intensifies as I deepen my worship to the One Who created this vibrant hue and every other we cannot name.

I worship a Creator Who made these things and many more I cannot fathom. If the simple pleasure of a nameless color makes me glorify Him, I cannot imagine what awaits those who love Him for not only this, but for so much more


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