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January 4, 2015

I have goals. I make lists. I have several New Year resolutions, my OneWord for the year, a couple of DoOvers, and a 30 day Hustle. I have lists, calendars, journals, post-it notes, and smart phone apps. I have friends, accountability partners, a great online network and all the physical things I need to start and maintain my goals (established blog sites, awesome new running shoes, P90 on order, and more time than l had last year).

Awesome new running shoes.

Awesome new running shoes.

But I wonder, will I do this? Will I carry out even one of my realistic, needed, HAVE-TO goals?

I ask myself, because I’m not the best at follow-through. I’ve practically perfected the art of procrastination, hate early mornings, and find LOTS of reasons to put a thing off. I start strong and peter out when it doesn’t FEEL good, or gets boring, or something else more attractive catches my time and attention. My mom used to say that I have no “sticktoitiveness.” She’s right.

This year is different, though, and here is why:

  1. I found an awesome group of motivating friends online, including a new workout coach and fellow writers who are challenging me to keep going.
  2. I believe my goals are God-centered, realistic, achievable and much-needed.
  3. I am changing the way I think about goals, not as an end but as systematic. (Check out this article for a good explanation of systems vs. goals.)

So if you are like me and have awesome and important goals but “sticktoitiveness” issues, get connected with motivating folks who will hold you accountable and put a system in place that will maximize your success.

Go for it and don’t quit!


A Year Has Passed…

December 29, 2014

…since I have posted here. The last thing I wrote, Autumn of 2013, was about the sad loss of our sweet girl-dog. Not long after that life got wild. As it does. A quick glimpse into the happenings:

  1. One of my dearest friends moved.
  2. My age-abundant mom moved in with us.
  3. My responsibilities at work tripled.
  4. Another one of my dearest friends moved.
  5. My sister and I went to Europe for a missions trip + vacation.
  6. We completely remodeled our kitchen (a 3 week project that took over 3 months).
  7. My responsibilities at work tripled again.
  8. I averaged 80 hours a week at work for most of October through December.

I suppose I could blame my absence and lack of doing a thing I love on the above and more (especially numbers 2, 3, 7, and 8), but since I know people whose lives are more hectic and stressful than mine, I really have no excuse. I do have good blogging matter, however. My New Year’s resolution is to make good use of it…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

It was one of those years...

It was one of those years…



December 28, 2010
My particular practice of handwashing produces the wonderful results of new clothes every several weeks.
It’s called, The Procrastination Method:
“Hey, COOL! I forgot I had that!”